Hot beauty looks we’ve loved this year

Beauty trends love to change almost as much as fashion ones do and we certainly do love to follow them. With new products constantly being released as well as talented makeup artists coming up with new ideas, the world of beauty always manages to stay fresh and we are fans.

As we draw towards the end of the year, we think it’s always nice to take a look back at the beauty trends that we’ve been dedicatedly following. This year as usual there have been loads of gorgeous looks that we haven’t been able to help ourselves trying out. Read on for our favourite beauty looks that we’ve been rocking.


Matt make-up has been big news in 2017 and it’s true that we do love it and hope that it’ll be around for a few years yet! Matt effect lipstick has been particularly big with MAC probably having the most iconic range which has been swiftly mimicked with aplomb by more budget brands (sorry MAC we do love you but not your prices!). This type of lipstick makes lips look chic and sophisticated and it lends itself perfectly to deeper and richer shades that really make a statement. Thanks to this effect we have come flocking back to lipsticks which have been somewhat overtaken by glosses in the last few years. For a grown-up look, start applying that matt lippie!

Matt has also spilled over into manicures and matt effect top coats are seriously in vogue right now. And as with the matt lipstick, we love this slightly quirky look. Pick up a bottle of matt top coat and apply to your next home mani for a style you’re going to love.

Hi Shine Gel Nails

Although we’ve been loving matt nails, at the other end of the spectrum we’ve got hi shine gel nails and there are quite a few points in their favour. They last ages, are pretty chip resistant, look well-cared for, and thanks to the huge range of home mani products out there, you can achieve stunning gel nails without the need for UV lamps. It’s all in the top coat so spend a little more to get a good quality gel top coat that is going to last.

Natural Brows

Following a couple years of really intense brow styles we are slowly starting to see a return towards more natural brows, and this can only be a good thing. After years of over-plucking and then taking it too far in the other direction, natural brows are that happy middle ground. Keep them neat of course, and use an eyebrow pencil to gently fill in patchy areas with little strokes to mimic hairs. Only dye your eyebrows if they are super fair picking a light brown colour that still looks natural. Your brows should look like you woke up that way and should frame your face without dominating it.

We’re already looking forward to see what beauty trends the next year will bring, as well as all the fabbie make-up products that are on the horizon.

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