Exciting gifts that’ll get his heart racing!

We don’t know what it is, but in general we often find that gift shopping for men is much harder than for women. Maybe it’s because they steadfastly insist that ‘honestly I don’t want anything’, or maybe it’s because they’re not really into materialistic things; whatever the reason this can leave us with a bit of quandary on our hands when it comes to finding that perfect gift.

Whether it’s a family member like a brother, father, or uncle, a close friend or a partner that you’re buying for, don’t end up panic buying a pack of socks. Instead get them something that they’re always going to remember and which they can’t fail to love. Here are just a few of our favourite exhilarating gift ideas to help get you inspired.

To avoid gifting something that is going to end up languishing at the back of a cupboard gathering dust, we recommend that you give an experience instead. One of our favourite gift ideas for him is that of a racing car lesson. With a professional by his side he can spend a few hours perfecting his racing technique in a powerful sports car on a local track. Most drivers have at some point dreamed of zooming through the chicanes (especially when they’re stuck in traffic!) so make that dream a reality. This is a totally unique gift that you can be certain he’s going to love.

If he’s a more into his exercise and sports then you can fuel that passion with your gift. For example, why not give him the chance to throw himself down a ski-slope as he learns to snowboard? Or how about letting him enjoy a round or two of golf at your expense? For more unusual sporting options, you can always treat him to an indoor climbing session or a beginners fencing lesson. Whether it means giving him the opportunity to try something new or indulging him in his sporting passion, he’s going to really appreciate the thought you’ve put into the gift.

A gift experience doesn’t have to be land-locked though; what about giving him something supremely adventurous that’ll see him taking to the air? Gift experiences these days cover so many areas including things like piloting lessons and helicopter tours. He’ll get a serious rush from being behind the controls of a light aircraft and he might just catch the flying bug! And a helicopter tour is a wonderful way for him to discover the beautiful local scenery with a bird’s eye view.

For the adrenaline junkie, then you can really suit his interests with a great gift like giving him the opportunity to go bungee-jumping for example. Not only is it an unusual gift, but he’s never going to forget it! Or maybe you want to get his heart thumping in a different way; escape rooms are really popular at the moment and this is something that he can enjoy with friends too!

A gift experience doesn’t always have to be so heart-stopping though, and if you think he’d prefer something a little tamer, then there are options for that too. With things like entry to motor exhibitions, city tours, bowling, music lessons, drawing and more, you can easily find the right gift for the guy that prefers a more relaxed approach to life.

We love the idea of giving him gifts that he simply won’t expect and we’ve been keeping an eye out for more unusual options. We found a lot of our gift inspiration over here where you can quickly find lots of adventurous gifts alongside more traditional ones. If you’ve been stuck on what to buy for him then we really recommend that you check it out! So be original and get his heart racing with your gift this year!

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