How to fix common beauty disasters

Whether you’re a bona fide beauty addict or not, we’ve all had that moments when we’re having a complete beauty disaster. Maybe you’ve just fudged your makeup, or just been rained on when you’re not wearing waterproof mascara, but whatever the reason there is always a way to fix it!

In this article today we’re going to go through a few tips that can help you salvage yourself from some of the most common beauty disasters.

Repairing a broken nail

You take good care of your nails to ensure that they look healthy and well-cared for only to catch one of them a car door. Before you reach for the nail file though to file down the other nails to match the tragically short one, why not try out this tip that works in those cases when your nail tip is still hanging on by a thread. All you’ll need is paper from an unused teabag, base coat, your chosen shade of nail polish and a top coat. Start off by painting the nail with a base coat; when it’s tacky use a small square of teabag paper to adhere to your nail over the split. Press down gently but firmly, wait for it to dry then paint another base coat over it. Once this is completely dry, file the overhanging edges of the paper away and buff the surface of the nail lightly to make the join less visible before painting with your chosen shade. This method will keep your nail hanging on until it grows out and is natural too so give it a go next time you break a nail!

Covering a break-out

Spots are pesky things – nobody wants them and they are guaranteed to show up at the most inconvenient of times like the day before a big event. Don’t worry, damage control is easy just make sure you don’t pick! Use a cotton bud to dab some tea-tree oil on the blemish and leave to soak for a while (preferably overnight if you’ve got time). Then blot the area with a tissue before applying your concealer with a brush. Finish with a light dusting of face powder and nobody but you should know it’s there.

Dodgy fake tan marks

You wanted to give yourself a beautiful sun-kissed glow but have discovered that you’ve managed to create some seriously visible fake tan streaks in the process. Particularly an issue around ankles, hands and elbows, you can easily minimise the mistakes without having to slap on more products. Using a good exfoliating body scrub, apply it to the areas affected then take a slightly damp piece of cotton wool and gently buff it away. You’ll find that this will remove the worst of the marks giving you a more even and natural tan as well as beautifully soft skin.

A beauty mistake is only a disaster if you let it be one, so think on your feet and salvage your beauty blunders with these easy tips!

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