Hot beauty looks we’ve loved this year

Beauty trends love to change almost as much as fashion ones do and we certainly do love to follow them. With new products constantly being released as well as talented makeup artists coming up with new ideas, the world of beauty always manages to stay fresh and we are fans.

Exciting gifts that’ll get his heart racing!

We don’t know what it is, but in general we often find that gift shopping for men is much harder than for women. Maybe it’s because they steadfastly insist that ‘honestly I don’t want anything’, or maybe it’s because they’re not really into materialistic things; whatever the reason this can leave us with a bit of quandary on our hands when it comes to finding that perfect gift.

Fabulous frocks for plus size ladies

Everybody deserves to look and feel their best no matter what their size, and fortunately these days more and more designers seem to be cottoning on to this fact! With expanded size ranges of their regular designs now available as well as gorgeous plus size specific collections, looking good and feeling happy with your fashion choices has never been so easy.

Winter goodies – baking inspo

We don’t know about you, but we love it when it when the chilly days start arriving since it gives us a chance to indulge in seriously delicious baked treats! Although of course shop-bought biscuits, cakes and more are tasty and undoubtedly convenient, they simply cannot match treats that you have baked yourself.